About Us

Little Fawn is a small family run business hoping to bring the joy of ethical, natural toys to you and your family. 

When my son, Henry, was born in 2017 I started looking at the world of toys out there. I was always drawn to wooden toys for their aesthetics and durability. 

As he has grown I wanted him to continue to experience play without the instant gratification of a lot of today's modern offerings and want him to develop a fantastic imagination. The craftsmanship and natural, tactile nature of open ended toys was where I turned to to fill that role. I am fortunate to be surrounded by friends and family who share the same ethos and they encouraged me to run Little Fawn.

Watching our little ones develop their imagination with open ended wooden toys has been so rewarding in this fast paced world and soon became a passion of mine that I wanted to share with you.


Little Fawn