Established in 1993 by Wojciech Bajor, an architect and set designer started Bajo toys as a local family business. Now Bajo is an innovative company built on the primary element of sustainable resources and development. The Bajo factory is located in the scenic region at the foot of the Polish Carpathian Mountains which inspires us to maintain our sustainable solutions. 
The toys we design bring out our passion and love for their uniqueness and quality. The toys reflect the essence of childhood. Every single toy is individually made with great care and precision. Each of these unique items has its own story which is result of long hours designing and customising to children and parent's specific need. 

Children make the Bajo toy their own by creating their own rules and ways of playing. Bajo toys are created not to inhibit their imagination. We make an effort to design multi-functional toys, which at the same time develops a child's intelligence, dexterity and their awareness. Our toys help children to think analytically or abstractly. 
In 2013 Bajo designed and produced under licence a toy collection based on the award-winning children's book written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler: The Gruffalo.

We use the variety of deciduous trees of original graining, we expose its natural colour. In the case of every toy, we always do our best to preserve at east one, even if it is only a very small part, to be completely natural. The natural element of the toy gives a child the chance to feel the natural warmth of wood. 

Our toys correspond to all EU and US standards and requirements for toy safety (directive 88/378EWG, 93/68EWG, 2009/48EC and REACH regulations) in terms of materials, manufacture and labelling. We use only the safest certified non-toxic paints based on natural components, which fulfil EU safety standard (EN71) and US norms. We support our community by using only carefully selected high quality materials from certified local suppliers, who respect European eco-standards of  the wood production. Each product is hand-checked to ensure the quality of the completed item.

All of our products are manufactured in Poland
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