Drewart Dolls House, Red Roof With Doors

Product code: 4056
Drewart Dolls House, Red Roof with doors

A beautiful and timeless dollhouse which is sure to be an heirloom to be enjoyed by future generations. With an open front for easy access to play, children can have lots of fun setting up their furniture and organising their rooms to suit their needs. A beautiful staircase leads grandly to the first floor, where there is even a balcony!

Beautifully grand doors close over for a truly regal feel.

Made from solid alder wood with beautiful red roof and treated with natural oils, it is truly a house of beauty.

The great thing about these Waldorf inspired dollhouses is their flexibility. Without the constraints of painted interior walls which already states 'This is a bathroom/bedroom' etc the natural wood allows the room to be anything. Even the building itself does not constrain itself to just be a house for dolls- It can even be a fire station! 

Complements beautifully with the Verneuer furniture

Size: 60 x 36 x 55 cm

Drewart is the maker of beautiful, high quality heirloom wooden toys. First established in 1982, the Drewart company employs around 30 staff members to hand craft these beautiful toys, all of which are crafted from European alder wood from sustainable forests. All products of Drewart are designed and produced in Poland with special care and skill. The materials are natural and ecologically friendly and the wood is finished with natural oils which showcase the wood grain.

Children will be transported into a world of imagination as they create their own magical play scenes and develop storytelling and role play skills. Watch their play come to life as they immerse themselves in their next adventure with these beautiful heirloom toys.


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Brand Drewart
Product Code 4056