The Wobbel is the inspiring opposite in times of screens and preprogrammed toys. The Wobbel tempts mind, body and soul.

A fantastically versatile product for children to incorporate into their world of imagination and physical development. Originating in Waldorf schools, this beautifully designed and re imagined balance board has endless play and movement possibilities. 

Children instinctively design their own ways to play with this marvelously open ended toy.  Wobbel boards do not constrain the minds of those who enjoy it with instruction manuals or conventional thought. Instead, it is with this freedom they are able to allow their imaginations to truly explore. 


The Wobbel develops balance and core strength in a play based fun way. Physical awareness and balance is developed in children of all ages. Babies just starting out with crawling/toddling will enjoy exploring the movement possibilities as they incorporate the Wobbel into their play world.

Children's curiosity is piqued as they incorporate the Wobbel imaginatively into their world. Whether they are rocking, balancing, travelling, jumping from, or just finding some quiet time to process, the Wobbel is the perfect accompaniment.

The Wobbel is made with many layers of the finest European beech wood (FSC), which are stacked and pressed under high pressure, into a uniquely designed curve. There are several colour options and can be fitted with natural wool felt, natural cork or left without.
The Wobbel is a work of abstract art with its flowing shape and gentle looks and doesn't need to be put away after play. It looks great in every living room.
The Wobble is designed for indoor use, but can be used outside with sufficient care.

Not just for children! the Wobbel is suitable for up to a whopping 200kg! 

Dimensions Wobbel Original: ca. 90 x 30 centimeters
Weight Wobbel Original: ca. 4,5 kilograms
Age Wobbel Original: 0 to 100 years
User Weight: Up to 200 kilos

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